7 Things You MUST Let the Dry Cleaners Handle

When the label on your clothing says “Dry Clean Only,” it should not be taken lightly. It should be taken literally, as the manufacturers have really intended for dry cleaning only. By following the tag’s instructions, you’ll avoid destroying your clothes and preserving them for more years of use. But sometimes the decision of whether or not to dry clean isn’t so straightforward. To make it a bit easier, we have compiled a list of items that should always be taken to the dry cleaners. A good dry cleaning service would always tell you whether clothes are appropriate for dry cleaning or not. So here’s our top list of things that should go to the dry cleaners:

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1. Anything that has embellishments

Sequins, beads, and metals are sometimes hand-stitched to clothes and hanging by a thread, they could easily be removed by powerful washers. To clean clothes with these embellishments without the risk of them being removed, these items should be appropriately dry cleaned.

2. Suits

While they can also be washed regularly, sending suits to the dry cleaners would mean preserving the suit’s crisp look. It would also mean adding a few more years to its shelf life.

3. Dark-colored silks

They should be sent to the dry cleaners as they have the tendency of bleeding and causing stains to other clothes. To avoid this nightmare, dark-colored silks need to be dry cleaned for a thorough cleaning minus the nightmare.

How to check if your silks will stain? It can be done by simply wetting a small patch of the silk and blotting it with a dry white paper towel. If it leaves color in the paper towel, then it should be sent to the dry cleaners.

4. Leather and suede

To avoid cracks and shrivels on your leather jacket, bring it to the dry cleaners. Garments made of leather and suede should only be handled by professional dry cleaners to preserve their quality and prolong their useful life.

5. Furs

Another candidate to be brought to dry cleaners are clothing with fur. It is a matter of rule that fur products should not be washed at home to avoid them shrinking upon being exposed to water. Fur products are very delicate and could become dry and brittle. It’s imperative that they should only be handled by professional dry cleaners.

6. Fragile synthetic materials

Fragile synthetics like rayon and chiffon are known to shrink when exposed to heat. Being delicate and fragile, these materials should not be simply cleaned through regular washing. These type of textiles are best to be left in the hands of professional dry cleaners.

7. Anything with pleating

Pleats can recede if cleaned by regular washers. By dry cleaning garments with pleats, you can preserve these pleats or rescue the receding ones by not subjecting them to the pressure of regular washing machines and dryers.

Of course, if you have any specific questions on whether something should be dry cleaned, feel free to contact us at Washbox, Denver’s best dry cleaning and laundry delivery service!