How To Choose The Best Dry Cleaning Delivery?

Looking for a reliable dry cleaning delivery service is definitely not easy. This is especially true in cities like Denver, with a growing population of busy professionals who must choose between many different companies.

We’ve come up with the following guidelines:

24/7 business hours

A professional dry cleaning service should accommodate your needs at convenient times. Many people are working from 8AM to 5PM, and longer. So busy professionals would rule out laundry services operating at same hours. Washbox is a 24/7 dry cleaning delivery service. It caters to the fast-paced and busy lifestyle of our customers who are always on the go.

Washbox Dry Cleaning

Eco/Human-friendly cleaning products

Most dry cleaners use a toxic, petroleum-based solvent called Perc. According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Academy of Sciences, Perc is a "likely human carcinogen." This means that while there's no definitive proof that the chemical causes cancer in humans, there's strong evidence it does - and there is proof that the chemical causes cancer in animals. Washbox, is 100% Perc-free and uses a safe, greener alternative called GreenEarth Dry Cleaning.

Organized laundry pickup and delivery system

You should not be burdened with getting your laundry picked up or dropped off. There should be conveniently located and accessible drop-off points that are highly secured to avoid loss of items.

Washbox has lockers located in residential apartment buildings with locks that require a 4-digit code. You can then text Washbox with your locker number to place your order. Afterward, you will receive a text message for your dry cleaning delivery or pickup details.

Call Washbox now and experience the best dry cleaning delivery in the Denver metro area!