Owners & Managers

Washbox is the most convenient system to offer your tenants 24/7/365 on-site dry cleaning, wash and fold laundry, and shoe shine and repair.  As property managers know, amenities are the key to attracting and retaining tenants. Here is the best part:  Washbox is completely free! Washbox is a no cost amenity. No setup fees, maintenance fees, service fees, or any other kind of fees will be charged to properties. Washbox requires no electricity, phone lines, or any other services.  We place unobtrusive personal closets in common areas of residential spaces, in lobbies, laundry rooms, and rec rooms, offering a wanted amenity to help you attract and retain tenants.  We maintain lockers on a daily basis and are always clean and a welcome addition to your property. The lockers are custom designed to be free standing. Because of this, no building permits are required for installation. We are completely insured and will make available any documents required by management before any installation take place. 

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  • No overhead cost
  • No customer service management
  • No construction costs
  • No maintenance costs